Little Eye helps build better Android Apps

Little Eye is a Performance Analysis and Monitoring tool that can help identify and fix performance problems in your Android Apps. It's ridiculously easy to use, yet extremely powerful!
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    Little Eye helps you measure and benchmark your App's performance and resource consumption. Get detailed stats on how much Power, Data, CPU, Memory and Disk Space your App is using.

    Little Eye works with all Apps!
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    Little Eye's intuitive Visual Correlation Engine gets you in-depth context around your App and the collected data, enabling a much deeper understanding of your App's behaviour.

    Find and fix issues in a matter of minutes!
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    With Insights, quickly get actionable "next steps" to optimize your App's resource consumption, be it Memory issues, Battery drain, Excessive data usage or even frequent crashes.

    Little Eye works with Android 2.3+, on Windows, Mac or Linux!

What makes Little Eye special?

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    App Insights

    Visualize your app's behavior and gain insights into your app's power, memory and network data consumption trends.
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    No Coding

    Zero setup or coding required! Just plug your device in and you'll be ready to start profiling your app in no time.
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    Detailed Reports

    Get detailed analytics and summarized reports of your app's resource consumption for benchmarking and competitive analysis.

And many more awesome features

Here's how it works

  • Start Little Eye

    Start Little Eye on your workstation. Little Eye is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.
  • Connect Your Device

    Connect your Android device via USB to the computer running Little Eye, and enable USB debugging on the device.
  • Be Amazed!

    Little Eye instantly lets you start monitoring your app and gain insights about its behavior like never before.

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